Psychology Tests

These psychology tests were developed by professional psychologists – including some famous names like Jung and Freud – for use in various contexts, such as job placement and clinical assessment.  They are internationally recognized.  Take one of these tests to reveal your inner tendencies and the way that you think and/or feel in certain environments – do you work best on a team or alone?  Are you “left-brained” or “right-brained”, or both?  Do you possess certain traits (ex/ neuroticism, adaptability) that you should try to suppress or take advantage of, in your career, relationships, and other areas of life?  These quizzes will answer these questions and many more.  Longer psychology tests will produce more detailed and in-depth results.  However, short tests will still offer interesting insights.

Try to take these tests in a quiet environment where you will not be interrupted.  Go with your gut instinct, and do not second guess your responses.  Remember, there are no “right” or “wrong” responses to psychology tests.